Rise of Fashion T-shirts in Kenya

  1. I am a big fan of t shirt fashion which is why I like to post stuff about it. I made an infographic earlier about the difference between nerds and geeks. I am a geek so I obviously love tees. Then I was thinking, don’t nerds like tees? What about hipsters, where did they come from? So I made a google search using google trends and came accross the following results.

    The chart above shows search trends and level of interest for geeks, nerds and hipster tees from 2008 to 2013 present.

    The vertical axis represents the level of interest based on the number of google searches and ranges between 0 to 100, 100 representing the maximum level of interest. The chart gives us a snapshot of the history and trends in geek, nerd and hipster tees and also highlights the following:

    1. Geek tees have picked up interest since 2008 and seems to be the leader among the three. So it is possible to assume that geeks dominate the group. Its hard to tell if most of us are geeks but safe to assume that most of us like geek t shirts.

    2. Hipsters are the latest breeds of t shirt fashion consumers and have become very popular since 2011. Interest in hipster tees are growing fast and currently are at levels similiar to that of geek tees.

    3. Nerd tees seem to have gained popularity since the middle of 2010 and had a fair share of interest till the beginning of 2013. However, the trend seems to be going downwards showing less interest. Where are the nerds going? Are they becoming hipsters or geeks?

    4. In my search, I had also included dork tees. But interest for the category was minimal to include in the list.

    5. The current trend scenario shows us that we are interested equally in hipster and geek tees. I would assume that whereas ‘hipster’ concentrates more on the fashion aspect, ‘geek’ is about showing one’s intelligent side.

    The current t shirt fashion trend war is between geeks and hipsters. Let’s see who wins. However, I think that in the end the tee trend will be intelligent + fashionable.Posted 28th July 2013 by AnonymousLabels: geek t shirts geek tees hipster t shirts hipster tees libberati tees nerd tees t shirt fashion tee fashion 2 View comments
  2. JUL13How to Take Care of Your T Shirt- 12 Useful TipsWe all have in the past had t shirts and we swore that we would love, cherish and wear them forever. Unfortunately, t shirts don’t last long. You probably would love to wear your favorite shirt for the third summer, but your friends and near ones will not love you for the same.

    T shirts usually suffer from shrinkage, color fade, print fade or crack, tear, and threads coming out or puckering.   Here are some useful tips you can follow to make sure that your t shirt survives for a very long time.

    1. Although hand washing your t shirt in cold water is the safest washing method, you hardly have time for that. Hand washing is also not effective especially if your shirt has stains. So washing machine it is. Try to use the most delicate settings on your machine because this will ensure that your shirt is washed with a suitable water temperature to prevent from color fade and shrinkage.

    2. Always turn your t shirt inside out before putting it inside the washer.

    3. Don’t put your t shirt into the machine with clothes of different color and fabrics.

    4. Always read the care label on the inside of the t shirt and follow instructions.

    5. Don’t use bleach or detergents which contain bleach.

    6. After washing, dry low or hang dry.

    7. If hang dry, turn your shirt inside out when drying.

    8. If you hang your t shirt outside, try to avoid direct sunlight because it can cause color fade.

    9. I don’t advise ironing your t shirt. But if you do, iron inside out or on the backside (where there is no design printed). Always use a low setting.

    10. Another alternative to ironing is folding your t shirt and keeping it under your pillow while you sleep.

    11. You can always find out about your fabric and wash instructions from your t shirt brand’s website. example if you wear American Apparel, you can find out about fabric care at their site.
    For American Apparel cotton t shirts its always ‘machine wash, dry low’.

    12. If you don’t wear your t shirt often, don’t hang it on a hanger. Instead fold it and store it in a cabinet/box/container.

    No matter how well you treat your t shirt, it will finally fade and wear off. Enjoy it while you can and take care of your t shirt while it lasts.

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  3. JUL10Some of Our Designer T Shirts at Libberati.com
    These are some of our designer t shirts on our tee shirt store at www.libberati.com. All our tees are printed on American Apparel fine jersey blank t shirts made in the USA. The tees are for men/women and available in all sizes. Please visit our unique tee store if you want to see the entire collection. Since each of our designs are printed on a single t shirt, you may not find all the tees showcased here. But there are definitely more at the store.

    Unique Desperate Smoker Tee Fashion Freedom TeePi TeeTattoo Designer TeeOMG Fashion TeeExit Fashion TeeLife is Simpe TeeAmerican Rider TeeCool Ninja Tee

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  4. JUL2The World’s First Brand of Unique Fashion T Shirts, Where Every Tee is Different.
    The World’s First Brand of Unique Fashion T Shirts, Where Every Tee Has a Different Design (via SBWire)
    Hong Kong, China — (SBWIRE) — 06/28/2013 — Libberati™, a Hong Kong based t shirt startup has recently launched an online store for fashion tees, where each t shirt has a different design. Combining the concept of an art gallery with a t shirt store…

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  5. JUN17Libberati- A Revolution in T Shirts
    Although we are all humans, we are different from one another. We all want to stand out from the crowd. So why should our clothes look the same? We are different and want to create a difference, so why shouldn’t our clothes be? Its not time to ‘stay calm’, its time to dare to be different.
    Libberati is a combination of the words ‘liberation’ and ‘glitterati’. Liberation from mass produced t shirts to hand crafted t shirts, each unique to the person wearing it. What I wear is unique and cannot be copied. Glitterati, because we are fashionable and hip. We follow trends and create the trends, not be the trends.
    What if buying a t shirt was like buying a piece of art whereonly you own something unique, something different from what others wear. With this concept, Libberati was established in 2013 and is the first t shirt brand where each and every tee is a piece of art and has a unique design. Libberati is on a mission to create 1 million tees with 1 million designs, a different design for every tee. Liberati is not unique, only each t shirt is….’a tee just for me’
    ​Libberati stands for  ​UniquenessIf we are different from each other, why shouldn’t our t shirts be? That’s why each t shirt is created for a single person so that he/she can stand out from the crowd. ​Every t shirt has a different design. Check out our tees here.  Design​We are all about design baby, Our team of designers create cool t shirt designs all day to give you an unique design which only you can brag about. Our designs originate from quotes, movies and song themes. We are about custom tees and like to make vintage and funny tees. Check out our lookbook for some of our designs.​ High QualityOur tee shirts are about high quality. Thats why we print them on American Apparel brand t shirts. What’s the use of a good design if you can’t wear it for a longer time? To compliment awesome design we give superb quality tees.​ ​SwagWe are all about swag. We all want to be different and have an unique style but often end up with wearing the same stuff. Libberati is all about swag.​ Lifestyle & Trends​We also blog and infograph about different topics related to fashion,lifestyle and trends to help you get wiser and keep up to date about what’s hot. Check out our lifestyle and trends columns. 
    Faster Fashion
    You have probably heard of tee stores where the styles change every month or every week, even every day. But libberati brings a revolution in t shirts by offering only one t shirt for every design making our store dynamic and changing 24/7. We don’t follow fast fashion, we follow faster fashion. We are the next fashion!Posted 17th June 2013 by AnonymousLabels: fashion tees libberati blog t shirt blog t shirt disruption t shirt revolution tee blog unique tees 0 Add a comment
  6. JUN17How to Buy a Fashion T ShirtT shirts are cool and we all love to wear t shirts. But we often ask what makes a t shirt fashionable? What makes a t shirt have swag? How do I know if my t shirt represents the current trend in fashion? What to look for in a quality fashion tee?
    Here are some of the elements of a fashion t shirt:

    1. Fit
    A fashionable t shirt is about fit. Fit is not about the size of a t shirt, its about the way the tee wraps around your body. It is about the cut style and length. Depending on your physique you should decide on the fit. if you are either fat or slim, you should wear a slightly loose fit tee. If you have a well shaped body, wear a tight fit tee. Also keep in mind the length of the tee. A minimum length should reach the beginning of your trouser back pocket.

    Although we like certain colors, there is a difference between what we think we look like and what we actually look like when wearing our favourite color. There is a difference between the color you like and the color which looks good on you. The safest way to choose color is by your skin tone. To find out what color t shirt will match your skin tone, check out the infographic here.
    Another way of choosing a color is by finding out color trends for the season. Usually top fashion designers will come out with color trends for a particular season. You can also always check Pantone’s website to keep up to date with the current color trends.
    Lastly, you can play safe and choose a color based on what everyone around is wearing. Check the infographic here. The infographic shows the most popular colors worn by men/women accross the globe and is based on google trends data.

    3. Graphics
    Graphics is probably the most important element in a t shirt. Its the graphics which makes you stand out from the crowd. Let’s try to categorize the kinds of graphic tees.

    Vintage/Retro Tee
    There is often a lot of confusion about these two styles. To make it short and sweet, vintage refers to graphic designs which resembles an era atleast 20 years into the past. Anything newer, especially the 90’s, is retro. These two terms are at most times used interchangeably and by different people. They are also often abused as marketing terms to sell products. Not everything is vintage or retro and just because the words are written on a t shirt doesn’t mean the t shirt represents that style. A t shirt is of vintage/retro style depending on how you interpret the design.

    Brand Tee
    A brand t shirt is usually a t shirt with a logo/picture/tagline of the brand. A great example would be a nike t shirt.

    Band Tee
    The name is self explanatory. Band tees include rock bands, boy bands, solo artists, etc.

    Quotes Tee
    Tees with famous or original quotes from famous/not so famous personalitites are quite popular recently. Quotes can be funny,philosophical or even one liners from movies/songs or jokes.

    Typography Tees
    If you are a typography enthusiast, you are interested in particular fonts like Arial, Sans, Times New Roman to name a few. Typography t shirts also focus on the shapes and placements of letters in the words. An example of a typography t shirt is a tee with the letter ‘a’ printed on it.

    Grunge and Skulls Tees
    Grunge tees are tees with abstract designs with bold colors. These tees are often accompanied by skulls of different shapes. There are also tees with only skulls on them.

    ‘I Love’ Tees
    ‘I love NY, ‘I love Choclate’ and other I love cliches fall under this category.

    Photography Tees
    Tees with photos of yourself, another person, a city, a building, anything come under photography tees.

    Pop Art Tees
    You can check out the graphic tees in our store.

    4. Be a Leader
    Wearing a fashion tee is not always about following others but being a fashion leader. Why do we like Lady Gaga or LiL Wayne? Because they create trends and dress differently from others. A fashion t shirt should be able to create a trend and should be unique. Dare to differ, be a leader.

    5 Quality
    A fashion t shirt should be made of 100% quality cotton. It should last long and the color should not fade even after a few washes. The t shirt print should also be long lasting.

    Can you Carry the look?
    Buy a particular t shirt if you can carry it. Which means that a fashion tee is the representation of your personality. Wear a t shirt which you are/can be comfortable with. Try different colors or bold designs be cool. Don’t fear what people are thinking about. If you think you look good in a particular t shirt, then you are absolutely right. Carry the look.

    7 Accessorize
    So once you have bought the perfect t shirt, its time to accessorize. Wear a nice watch and a wrist band. Get a good looking pair of shades and you can also wear a chain. Earrings can also be optional.

    These are a few characteristics of what a fashion t shirt should have. Hope you find your perfect t shirt. If you are clueless, you can also check out our fashion t shirts.
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